Watch Ozzy Osbourne Sing 'Bark at the Moon' During the Solar Eclipse

Ozzy Osbourne
Sam Taylor-Johnson

Ozzy Osbourne

Bonnie Tyler celebrated yesterday’s total solar eclipse by singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on a cruise ship. Ozzy Osbourne celebrated by singing “Bark at the Moon” to the enthusiastic crowd at Moonstock, a metal festival convened in southern Illinois on eclipse weekend for precisely this purpose. Seriously—it was a four-day festival, with Ozzy’s headlining set scheduled at 1:20 on Monday afternoon.

Southern Illinois was within the eclipse’s path of totality, so by the second verse of “Bark at the Moon,” it really did get pitch dark out. Not bad for a daytime festival slot.

Watch fan-shot video (and pray for these people pointing cameras directly at the sun) below.

This article was originally published by Spin