Liam Gallagher Unleashed: The Six Wackiest Things the Oasis Singer Has Said on His Solo Promo Tour

Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images
Liam Gallagher performs at the Park West as part of the Official Lollapalooza Aftershow on Aug. 2, 2017 in Chicago. 

Liam Gallagher is not one to hold his tongue. Ever. This is, after all, the man who frequently and vehemently refers to his estranged older brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel as a "potato." And not like the delicious, fried kind. In addition to being one of the pre-eminent voices of the 1990s Britpop explosion, Liam is a world-class trash talker. 

Currently on the road in the U.S. in support of his upcoming solo debut, As You Were, due out Oct. 6, Gallagher has been on an epic loose-lips bender worthy of Conor McGregor -- teeing off on his big bro, of course, but also on James Corden and just about anything else in his path. 

He may have lost his voice at Lollapalooza last weekend, but he's been full-throated in these hilarious take downs:

Speaking to the NME, Gallagher was asked who his biggest competition is these days:

"There’s no one out there like me. I’ve nailed it ’cos I’ve got the tunes. If it goes on attitude and aggression, then I’ve p--sed it. If it goes on how s--t you are, they win. Because I ain’t s--t."

Just for fun, he also took a swing at Noel, because, why not?

“I’ll always do it ’cos it’s fun. I f--king find it funny anyway. A lot of people tell me to grow up, but I’m not growing up, mate. People go, ‘Behave, 44, behaving like a f--king…’ and all that nonsense, but just because you’ve turned 40 or 50 doesn’t mean you have to start behaving. I don’t f--king think so. Over my dead body. You spend 20 or 30 years trying to be the most realist person on the planet, then 10 years later everyone wants you to forget about all that and turn into a f--king d--k, pipe and slippers and wearing beige f--king jackets. I don’t f--king think so. I’ve built this f--king thing, I like who I am. I find myself very funny. I know who I am, I know when I’m being out of order and when I’m just doing it for a laugh. I’m never f--king changing. Never.”

In a stop at Howard Stern's SiriusXM show last week, Noel was on his mind again. This time, while saying he's totally open to the Oasis reunion fans are dying for, he also took out time to dump on Noel yet again, explaining how their long-running feud began back before they were famous.

"I'd been out drinking when I was about 15 and I come in with a spliff as well. The room is spinning and I couldn't find the light switch... I thought, 'F--k it, I'm just gonna have to go.' So I whipped it out and pissed all over [Noel's] new sound system. And I think he holds a grudge over that... I said, ‘Listen, mate, it was either the sound system or your f--king head.’”

The good news, he told Stern, was that he's open to an Oasis re-up. There are some preconditions, though. 

"Without a doubt, but we've got to become brothers first. I mean before we start talking about music, we've got to start liking each other, and inevitably I think the next step would be to take the band for a spin around the block."

He was feeling pretty feisty this week in an interview with Radio X as well, explaining how he felt in the post-Oasis days.

"There was four years of doing nothing, bored, no itinerary. I was f--king sitting in the house, scratching my arse, bored out of my mind... [Girlfriend] Debbie [Gwyther] was doing all the work, I was doing all the scratching. I’d try and make her stay off work, to hang out. She was just like, ‘Come on. You can’t sit in the f--king pub all day. Let’s do something’... I started playing guitar, messing about, done a couple of tunes, played them to someone, someone likes them, they offered us a deal. I was meeting writers, coming back, going in the studio and then here we are today."

Speaking to Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast, he managed to ding Noel again, while also taking a swipe at U2, who are hosting Noel as an opening act on their current tour.

"I know [Noel] doesn’t want to be supporting U2 and playing a third of a stadium half-empty, when he could do it himself with his brother... I would prefer to be speaking about an Oasis album than a Liam solo album. And I know Noel Gallagher would. We’re better together.”

Speaking to GQ, he unloaded both barrels on any haters left standing.

"They’re sitting there going, 'F--k me, mate. He’s come again, man. Two divorces, f--king illegitimate kids, f--king two failed bands behind him, three bad haircuts and he’s still f--ling coming.' Oh, and I’m gonna f--king come even more, mate."

Oh, and also in that interview, via NME, was his definitive answer as to whether he'd ever hop in the car and do a "Carpool Karaoke" segment with The Late Late Show host James Corden. 

"No, thank you very much. No f--king chance, mate. With that fat bloke from Kevin and Perry?" he said, mistaking the title of the BBC sitcom written by and co-starring Corden; Gwyther corrected him, noting it's called Gavin and Stacey and he's never seen it. "I don’t need to watch it to know I won’t like it. James Corden is a knobhead.”