Radiohead's 'Creep' Turns Into 'Tweet' in Trump Parody Video

Courtesy Photo

An animated Pres.Trump covers the 1993 Radiohead classic "Creep" in a hilarious new parody video, gifted unto the internet by a group who are calling themselves Hatiohead.

Dubbed "Tweet," the track's lyrics take a jab at Trump's frenetic Twitter behavior. “I will tweet, I’ll distract you… Don’t you see what I’m doing here? Obama’s not born here," the animated Trump sings in the video, to the tune of the original Radiohead hit.

The video masterminds describe themselves in the visual's caption as a "collective of creative citizens who are saddened and embarrassed by the idiocy of our current government and its moronic leader," adding that "Tweet" is "a cartoon parody music video about the most powerful Twitter troll in the world."

Originally published on June 29, the video is picking up steam on -- ironically -- Twitter, and has racked up more than 67,000 views so far.

Watch the tongue-in-cheek video in its entirety, below: