Crowder Pins the Perfect Tone in 'Back To The Garden' Video: Exclusive

Eric Brown


One must think that singer-songwriter David Crowder had to be in a dark spot when conceiving the video for “Back To The Garden,” available today (Aug. 1) via sixstepsrecords and Capitol CMG Label Group. However, the Texas native and former bandleader of the Grammy-nominated David Crowder Band -- who now goes by Crowder -- looked in one of the most unlikeliest, or most obvious, places to capture the visual cues of the dour-yet-rousing song.

“I feel slightly awkward admitting this as it might be slightly unexpected, but I have a Pinterest account… and I ‘pin’ things,” Crowder tells Billboard. “So I had this whole mood board of images related to the ‘Garden’ song and what visually it made me feel.”

These inspirations included the swampy setting of True Detective season one, dense fog and foliage, and scripture. The opposing forces in the song are displayed in delta pastiche, with beams of light cutting through shadows and thick fog and the looming dark forces at the start clearing away with a stirring communal baptism in the river.

“Back To The Garden” comes off Crowder’s second solo album, 2016’s American Prodigal. He is currently on tour, with dates running through November. More details can be found on his website here.

Check out the full video for “Back To The Garden” below.