The Killers Reveal 'A Lot of Long Nights' Jamming With Prince Harry

The Killers
Erik Weiss

The Killers 

The Killers’ drummer, Ronnie Vannucci, Jr., betrayed one of his band’s best-kept secrets in a new interview with Dan Wootton's "Bizarre Life" podcast for British tabloid The Sun.

Probed about their friendship with Prince Harry, who was spotted at their show at the British Summer Time festival recently, Vannucci admitted that they had known the 32-year-old British royal for around 10 years, and even that they had jammed with him -- "in a way."

Vannucci was mysterious about the nature of the collaboration, but he said Harry, who Wootton mentioned is rumored to dabble in playing drums, has spent "a lot of long nights" with the band, which may or may not have involved Harry playing music with The Killers.

"Did [Harry] show off any musical chops?" Wooton probed.

"Yeah… maybe," Vannucci said.

Later, Vannucci opened up a bit more: "It's safe to say we didn't grow up with the sort of lore and bedazzlement of having a Royal Family or anything, so I wasn't educated in what it means to know these people at  first. Maybe that's what made things cool. It was just like, 'Hey, man.'"

The picture Vannucci paints is pretty mysterious. He casually alludes to an indefinite number of other royals Harry would bring along to their ambiguous hangs/jams with him: "There have been cousins and things like that from the family, and they're all just regular dudes and nice people."

This article originally appeared in Spin.