7 Best Moments From Arcade Fire's 'Everything Now' Release Show

Regine Chassagne and Win Butler of Arcade Fire perform during Primavera Sound Festival 2017 Day 4 at Parc del Forum on June 3, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.
Roberto Ricciuti/WireImage

Regine Chassagne and Win Butler of Arcade Fire perform during Primavera Sound Festival 2017 Day 4 at Parc del Forum on June 3, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. 

On Thursday (July 27), the eve of Arcade Fire's latest album release, the Canadian rockers celebrated with a two-hour long performance at Brooklyn's Grand Prospect Hall, a gorgeous wedding venue complete with a chandelier hung over the makeshift stage in the center of the floor.

The rollout process of the group's fifth studio album, Everything Now, out Friday (July 28), has been one for the books as it included everything from a fake corporation -- Everything Now Corp. -- to trolling Kendall and Kylie Jenner by placing their faces over their own band T-shirts. But the main event, the release show that was being livestreamed by Apple, knocked everything else out of the park. Here are the seven best moments. 

Enthusiastic Opening 

Arcade Fire stepped on stage and immediately dove into its latest hit and title track of its new album, "Everything Now." The explosive energy reverberated throughout the packed space and prepared fans for what essentially turned into a greatest hits show. 

Cohesive Branding

As proof of each band member's unwavering devotion, all were clad in some sort of Everything Now Corp. branded apparel (with the exception of Regine, who opted for the same color scheme of red). But what happened when it got too hot to keep on the denim and bomber jackets? Fear not, because the shirts they wore underneath were properly branded too. 

Stage Setup

Win Butler treated the small, square stage like his own personal playground as he rarely stayed in one place for long, and kept busy by jumping on and off monitors and running around the stage while filming the crowd with a handheld camera. As a result, there truly was no bad place to stand considering he made sure to sing out from every corner at some point.

Regine's Standout Solo

Regine Chassagne captivated the audience with her solo vocals on "Electric Blue," a song she rightfully dominates on the album, in the video and live. Dressed in a red leather jumpsuit, she too made use of the entire stage and delivered the song with such fierce intention that by the chorus, she had the crowd defiantly yelling along: "I found out I don't know shit."

Support for the Trans Community 

While the performance largely went on without much dialogue, Win did briefly take a moment to state: "Trans people are not disturbances." He continued to say how he and the band can't believe what has become a reality, and though they offered no explicit evidence, said they want to do whatever they can to help. They then went right into the fittingly titled track, "We Exist."

Set List

?For an album release show, very little of the new album was performed, save for the songs that had already been released ("Everything Now," "Signs of Life," Creature Comfort," "Electric Blue") and the live debut of "Chemistry." The rest of the 19-song set list hinged on fan favorites from all four previous albums, like The Suburbs' title track, which they dedicated to David Bowie -- "We think about him everyday," said Win -- to "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" off Funeral and nearly every other hit.  

Closing Medley

Within seconds of walking off stage, the band returned ready for more. For the encore, Arcade Fire selected "Neon Bible" off its second album of the same name. The song received special treatment, as the band revitalized it into a medley of sorts. As the members once again walked off stage -- this time for good -- still singing the song, they took a moment to stop within the crowd (much like they did following their headlining set at Panorama last year). Soon enough "Neon Bible" had transformed into the chorus of "Everything Now," which then grew into the iconic chanting on "Wake Up." By the time the chants slowly faded out, Arcade Fire was gone.