Starset-Approved Rockers Black Satellite Premiere Pummeling New LP 'Endless'

Chris Owyoung
Black Satellite

​New York City-based duo Black Satellite has unabashed, big-time arena-rock aspirations. Vocalist Larissa Vale and guitarist Kyle Hawken put that plan into motion earlier this year, making their live debut as openers for intergalactic guitar heroes Starset.

After dropping a handful of singles, Black Satellite's self-released debut drops tomorrow (July 7); today, we’ve got the exclusive early stream right here on Billboard.

The sound of Endless is absolutely huge -- the end point one might arrive at after listening to all of Muse’s catalog and deciding they just weren’t epic enough. Syrupy vocal hooks abound, drizzled over whole mountain ranges of studio-shined guitar tapestries. The band’s press release claims its influences vary from “Alice in Chains to Yo-Yo Ma,” and Endless offers little reason to think they were joking. 

"The album is a visceral reflection of our growth and maturation over the last few years,” the band tells Billboard. "Endless signifies our ability to finally leave the past behind after a period of feeling like we would be trapped in it forever. We not only confronted our fears head on, but were completely immersed in them."

Find the full album stream below, with the album available for pre-order here.