Listen to Temples' Hazy, Psychedelic New Summer Single 'Henry's Cake': Premiere

William Beaucardet


"Henry's Cake" will appear on the Amazon Music original playlist Songs of Summer.

Though summer always seems to slip through our fingers as the season comes and goes, the heat and malaise of blazing summer afternoons often feel as if they could drive us into madness, with the sun beating down from noon until dusk.

The U.K.-based psychedelic band Temples’ new single, “Henry’s Cake," encapsulates this hazy day feeling, as well as the sensation of memories tumbling around your brain like a washing machine, as the song follows a fluctuating pattern of chaotically climbing and falling back down. 

“’Henry's Cake’ is a turbulent vision of a coastal funeral from the perspective of someone suffering from severe memory loss,” said Temples guitarist Adam Smith. “It is a blue and purple dreamscape with the shores of North Wales loosely in mind.”

As the song’s keys and guitar easily flow like the tide,, and its percussion embraces a whirlwind of emotion, “Henry’s Cake” simultaneously captures the delicate essence of the outdoors, and what such scenery does to the mind. 

“Henry’s Cake” was released as a part of Amazon Music’s original playlist Songs of Summer, which features new tracks to be released throughout the season. The playlist will be streamed exclusively through Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music

Listen to the song below.