Warped Tour 2017: Founder Kevin Lyman Predicts Punk's Next Generation

Kevin Lyman
Chad Sengstock

Kevin Lyman

Ahead of the 23rd annual Vans Warped Tour, which hits 33 states from June 16 to Aug. 8, founder-producer Kevin Lyman compares this year’s lineup to more veteran punk rockers: “We pay homage to the history."

Paramore: Eric Ryan Anderson/Contour/Getty Images; Jule Vera: Courtesy of Big Picture Media

When Alabama’s Jule Vera first played Warped in 2015, the band was still fleshing out its live show. Now, says Lyman, it’s poised for stardom. “[Singer Ansley Newman] has the potential to become a strong female voice, like Paramore’s Hayley [Williams] or Gwen Stefani.”

State Champs: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images; Boston Manor: Kennerdeigh Scott

Lyman describes Boston Manor’s sound as “aggressive pop-punk” that occasionally crosses over to hardcore. “They’re a little heavier than State Champs and The Story So Far, [but] I think they [will attract] fans of those bands.”

The Clash; Michael Putland/Getty Images; Sonic Boom Six: Courtesy of Big Picture Media

The Manchester, England-based, female-fronted Sonic Boom Six has been around for nearly two decades and reminds Lyman of mid-’70s ska-punk groups like Selector and The Clash. “You can hear influences of both.”

My Chemical Romance: Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic; Creeper: Paul Harries

Often described as a horror-punk band, Southampton, England’s Creeper is in the vein of AFI and My Chemical Romance. “They started to have great success in the U.K., [but] it’s still early for them in the U.S.”

This story appeared in the June 24 issue of Billboard.