Foster the People Announces New Album Release Date for 'Sacred Hearts Club'

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images
Mark Foster of Foster The People performs on stage on opening night of their tour at The Observatory North Park on May 26, 2017 in San Diego.

'Sacred Hearts Club' will be out July 21.

On Tuesday (June 13) Foster the People announced that their upcoming third album, Sacred Hearts Club, is set for release on July 21 via Columbia Records. 

The band’s new record will feature 12 tracks and is available for preorder now. When you preorder the album, you will receive downloads of their singles “Doing it For the Money,” “Pay the Man,” and “SHC.” FTP also shared that they will be touring out their new music on a number of new tour dates this fall.

Along with the group’s announcement, they shared a new documentary style video, “Sacred Hearts Club (the beginning),” featuring footage of their recent rehearsals. In the video, the band gives insight into their forthcoming record, saying Sacred Hearts Club will feature '60s-inspired sounds and a psychedelic influence. 

Int the video, front man Mark Foster said, “With this record, it’s like I felt like every morning I woke up, you know, and I would look at the headlines in the news, and there was just something catastrophic that happened... I felt like on this record I really just wanted to make something joyful.”

Watch the video below and check out the group's upcoming tour dates here.