Nickelback's New Video Turns Latest Single 'On Fire': Exclusive

In the competitive sports world, the term “on fire” means going on an unstoppable streak of dominance. When it comes to making a song go supernova, there are few rivals to Nickelback. In the video for their latest single “Song on Fire,” the diamond-certified band from Alberta, Canada, proves themselves just as scorching.

“As we were working on this song -- a very personal one for me -- we all instantly connected to it on different levels through our own experiences,” says frontman Chad Kroeger.

Directed by frequent collaborator Nigel Dick (“Photograph,” “Too Bad,” “Savin’ Me”) and filmed in the lush forests of Vancouver, the video is embodied more by the symbolic heart-on-fire than a scorched earth. The overarching chase through the woods is interspersed with shots of the band giving a fittingly intimate living room performance in what will become one of their most poignant pieces yet. Although the sounds and complementary imagery are impactful enough, their message goes beyond the characteristically anthemic chorus.

“Everyone has a need to love or be loved, and we’ve all been hurt or felt loss,” Kroeger continues. “There is a universally, haunting finality to losing love and we found ‘our protagonist’ [in this song] trying to reclaim it, but not knowing where to begin or that it might ultimately be in vain.”

In regards to the video, the intention has not been made in vain. Check out the video below and stick around for the ending that will shock and move you.

The track comes from their upcoming ninth album Feed The Machine, which comes out June 16 via BMG. The band will also be hitting the road starting June 23 for their Feed The Machine Tour. Check out tour information here, and also be sure to check out their Billboard exclusive live stream performance tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST on the Billboard Facebook page here.