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Courtney Love 'Obsessed' With Lana Del Rey, Working on Wikipedia-Sourced Tell-All Memoir

Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Courtney Love talks with host Seth Meyers during an interview on the Late Night with Seth Meyers on June 6, 2017.

Courtney Love is not afraid to admit what many of us feel: she's obsessed with Lana Del Rey. The Hole frontwoman sat down with Seth Meyers on Late Night on Tuesday (June 6) to plug her role as Kitty Menendez in the upcoming Lifetime original movie Menendez: Blood Brothers (June 11), which chronicles the true story of the 1989 murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez at the hands of their abused sons Lyle and Erik.

But back to Lana. "I toured with Lana Del Rey about a year and a half ago and I was like, 'this is so chill I'm gonna go on my bus and watch Mad Men reruns,'" she told Meyers. "But then I started listening to her after we toured and we became really good friends and I got obsessed with her and I really like her music alot." 

Love also noted that while she's into The Kills, Jack White, Avett Brothers and other alternative rockers, she realizes her new music will definitely have to have "the beats." 

Watch her talk about finding out that there is another Courtney Love, who is a college football star she's DM'd with:

She also discussed her light research for the Menendez role, affection for acting and her killer idea to reach millennials by writing a Wikipedia-sourced memoir: