Adam Ezra Group's 'All I Am' Grows A Bit More With John Oates: Exclusive Video

Adam Ezra Group
Michael Sparks Keegan

Adam Ezra Group

For the latest album from Adam Ezra Group, the Boston band has gone to great lengths to preserve the inclusive environment that has driven their dynamic for over a decade. On their fifteenth album Hurricane Wind, which is available for free via NoiseTrade until June 18, they enlisted help from none other than their dedicated fan base and R&B legend and Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer John Oates of Hall & Oates.

The process of making Hurricane Wind has been a public development since last December, when the band started a crowdfunding campaign through PledgeMusic to make an album with fans’ help every step of the way. They kicked it off by sharing 23 studio demos and invited followers to participate in everything from song arrangement to track selection. The final 11 songs were originally planned to be released free for two weeks starting May 21, but the giveaway has been extended to June 18.

Amidst the free album rollout comes an exclusive recording of Ezra and Oates performing "All I Am," one of their three co-written cuts from the new record. Filmed at Addiction Sound studios in Nashville earlier this year, the video finds the pair sharing harmonies and trading verses in an acoustic rendition of the album’s closer. The subdued tone seamlessly blends the soulful power of Oates’ voice with the folk roots that fans of Adam Ezra Group have come to know. Check out the video below. 

For Ezra, the duet stands for more than simply a successful collaboration. “Being able to write with, and then sit down and record ‘All I Am’ with John Oates, down in Nashville, is truly one of the highlights of my musical life,” Ezra says.

The opportunity for the two to work together arrived last year during the lulls in their respective touring lives. Oates would join Ezra in the studio to write, sing, and play on the album, and even helped with the ambitious release of the fan-funded project. One of the perks for fans was a virtual studio tour with the band and an acoustic performance by Oates and Ezra. The partnership appears to be grounded in a mutual respect and admiration, and if Oates’ involvement in the project wasn’t a solid enough sign of his blessing, the approving nod at the end of “All I Am” affirms it.

“I love working with Adam Ezra,” Oates says. “He represents the true spirit of a man who lives for his music and the people around him. He has the big three: creativity, talent and heart.”

Hurricane Wind is available here for free via NoiseTrade until June 18. Revisit the band’s progress with the album on their PledgeMusic page here and check out their summer tour dates on their website here.