Chris Cornell Memorial Erected at Seattle's Sound Garden Sculpture

Soundgarden fans in Seattle have begun building a memorial to late singer Chris Cornell in the most fitting place possible: the namesake A Sound Garden musical sculpture park in the band's hometown from which the band derived its name. The popular spot -- which features 12 21-foot-tall steel tower structures with organ pipes at the top of each that create a tone when the wind blows -- grew into a living tribute to Cornell with fans arriving all day on Thursday (May 18) to leave flowers and other dedications to the 52-year-old rock icon. Cornell died in his Detroit hotel room a short time after the group's Wednesday night gig at the city's Fox Theatre of what the coroner has deemed a suicide.


The city's iconic Space Needle went dark from 9-10 p.m. on Thursday night in tribute to Cornell and the Museum of Pop Culture also honored the city's favorite rock son with a gathering for fans, family and friends for a moment of silence. In addition, the city's KEXP radio station announced that they would be playing songs by Cornell all day long in what has become a sadly familiar ritual for a town that has lost so many of the leading lights of the 1990s grunge rock scene.

The Seattle Mariners baseball team also paid tribute to Cornell with a moment of silence before Thursday night's home game.

Soundgarden canceled the remainder of their tour in the wake of Cornell's death. On Friday morning (May 19), Cornell's wife, Vicky, and lawyer Kirk Pasich released a statement in which they called into question the coroner's conclusion that Cornell took his life, with Vicky Cornell suggesting that her husband's actions may have been the result of taking too much of the anti-anxiety medication Ativan.