Third Eye Blind Unveil Never-Before-Heard Track 'Alright Caroline' From Self-Titled Debut: Exclusive Premiere

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album, Third Eye Blind is heading out on tour and playing the entire record start to finish. But little did their fans know, the rock band had some extra songs that didn't quite make the cut back in 1997 -- and now, Billboard has one of those tracks for fans to hear for the first time.

Titled "Alright Caroline," the song will be featured on the Third Eye Blind 20th-anniversary expanded reissue, out June 9 on Rhino Records. Although it's just getting to see the light of day now, frontman Stephan Jenkins was an advocate for the elaborate rock track from the moment they recorded it (and still is).

"I can't believe this song has endured as a little demo for so long! It's probably one the most overwrought songs I've written -- a power ballad, really," Jenkins tells Billboard. "Somehow, I think it's influenced by Prince."

While he didn't elaborate on the Prince influence, Jenkins did disclose that Saturday Night Live guitarist Jared Scharff sat in on guitar during the recording of "Alright Caroline," which is part of the reason he loves the track so much. "Finally doing a proper session for it was as fun as recording gets. We did it in two takes in a funky studio in Brooklyn, in between gigs. Jared just kept lifting it higher -- he would overdub with totally different takes so many times, eventually, we had to stop him. He would have jammed all night. In all, it's got that loose-tape feel that was a part of the first record. I think it fits in well. It should. It was meant to be there. We just didn't have the room!"

Listen to "Alright Caroline" below: