Saint Motel Is Turning 'saintmotelevision' Into First-Ever Virtual Reality Album, Premieres Visual for 'Destroyer': Exclusive

Saint Motel
 Christoph Night

Saint Motel

Los Angeles alt-rock quartet Saint Motel isn't new to the world of virtual reality and pushing the boundaries of how fans experience their music. Today, the band reveals to Billboard that they have completed a "Virtualizer" -- a virtual, 360-degree music video -- for all 10 tracks on their major label debut saintmotelevision, making it the first-ever virutal reality album to be released.

While they have released a few 360/VR Virtualizers for other tracks on the album, their vision of creating one for each track has come to fruition, and it doesn't end there. The video rollout will conclude on June 28 with the revelation of the band’s own app, which will house the entire VR album. The release will consist of 360 graphics, lyric videos, and live footage to create a vibrant visual experience.

Lead singer AJ Jackson tells Billboard, “A lot has changed between the conception of this VR album and the completion of it. When we made our first Virtualizer we weren’t sure we’d ever make another, much less create a set of rules for future ones to follow. But it ended up being the simplicity and continuity of mixing lyric videos, visualizers, live videos, 360 graphics, all from a set position that eased our fans into the new medium. After you experienced the first one, you had an idea of what to expect for the second one, and by the third one you were a Virtualizer expert!"