Watch Father John Misty's 'Total Entertainment Forever' Video Featuring Macaulay Culkin

Courtesy Photo
A scene from the video for "Total Entertainment Forever" by Father John Misty.

Mac appears to be channeling Kurt Cobain in the clip.

Father John Misty has delivered the video for Pure Comedy single “Total Entertainment Forever” — the one with the controversial Taylor Swift lyric — and as with the song itself, there’s a lot to unpack. In keeping with the lyrical themes about our culture losing itself inside of endless stimulation, the clip stars Macaulay Culkin as a Kurt Cobain-looking character stumbling through something like Christ’s crucifixion in the context of a Pee Wee’s Playhouse-like video game.

Josh Tillman oversees the proceedings while dressed as some sort of maniacal Captain Hook/Ronald McDonald figure. Bill Clinton shows up to play saxophone before joining the King Of The Cucks on a cross. There’s much more happening here, so just watch below and let’s try to make sense of it together.

Pure Comedy is out now on Sub Pop.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.