NBA Lifts Linkin Park's 'Battle Symphony' for Playoffs Highlights Video: Watch

James Minchin
Linkin Park

With their seventh studio album One More Light arriving May 19, Linkin Park is also hype for playoff season. In the midst of the blockbuster hoop showdowns, the NBA grabbed the rock gods' "Battle Symphony" for the league's 2017 playoffs highlight video.

"It's an honor to make a piece of music that the NBA would consider for any part of the season, to be played during the games, but especially during the playoffs," Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, a longtime Phoenix Suns fan, tells Billboard. "It's such an exciting time in the NBA, and as huge fans, we're always super pumped about it."

Bennington also teased that the band's forthcoming visual for "Good Goodbye" will delve into the group's love for sports, and feature collaborators rapper Pusha T, grime star Stormzy and a man he describes as "arguably the greatest player of all time." He adds without naming names, "It pretty much leaves about five guys in the conversation."

The video, slated to drop within the next two weeks, will also show off Linkin Park's lighthearted side. "I think we're kind of known for our more serious stuff but this is a fun distraction from being so serious all the time," he says.

Watch the NBA playoffs highlight reel below and stay tuned for the full interview with Chester Bennington on episode 20 of Billboard's Ballin' Out podcast.