Day Wave Drops Video for Lo-Fi Track 'Something Here': Exclusive

Paul Moore
Day Wave

Day Wave, the solo project of indie rocker Jackson Phillips, caught the ears of many with his first two EPs: 2015's Headcase and 2016's Hard to Read. Now, the 20-something Oakland, Calif., native is sharing the first taste of new music off his upcoming full-length debut, The Days We Had

The song, "Something Here," delivers the familiar lo-fi structure of his music while also going hard on shimmering synths and driving percussion that serves as the surging backdrop for his airy vocals. "'Something Here' felt like a good introduction to the album," Phillips tells Billboard. "It's definitely still a Day Wave song, but it's a progression from my EP's." 

While writing and recording in Long Beach, Phillips says he penned the song's chorus first, and that the verses came to him much later. "There's something here, and my head feels heavy," he sings, sharing a sentiment as universal as any and allowing listeners to fill in their own "something" that makes the song feel true to their own story. The video plays into that as well. "We wanted to capture a feeling rather than outline a story," Phillips relates. "Something simple that felt real, as if the viewer could see their own life." 

The Days We Had is out May 5. Watch the video for "Something Here" below.