Sunset Premieres Will Yip-Produced Indie Rock-Meets-Electro Album 'Turn Out the Lights'

Michael McLenighan


Multi-instrumentalist Chris Broach is a founding member of seminal ‘90s emo/indie rockers Braid, who’ve enjoyed a second wind this decade behind a well-received 2014 comeback album and a chorus of up-and-coming bands that hold them in high esteem. With his friend Steve Znavor (himself a veteran of the Firebird Band & Life at Sea) Broach found himself yearning for a creative outlet. He was working a steady job and happily supporting his family, yet feeling incomplete. Enter Sunset, a two-man band with few rules, and a debut LP Billboard is happy to premiere today (March 30).

"The album is the culmination of Steve and I working together to write music [on and off] for a number of years [2010 to 2015],” Broach tells Billboard. “Musically, we both had equal input and we both play almost everything on the record.”

Broach calls out “love and life and passion and happiness” as lyrical inspirations for the electro-tinged album, in addition to “problems with following through on promises, burning bridges, moving forward, and trying to come out on the other side of it while keeping the mistakes you made fresh enough to not make them again. The songs on this album are anthems to follow these themes and ideas. It's about doing something with your life that means something, rather than working yourself to death, or just sitting around waiting to die."

In advance of its official release, you can stream the whole album above. 

Turn Out The Lights comes out April 7 via Broken World Media. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Will Yip at Conshohocken, Penn.’s Studio 4, where he previously coaxed modern alt-rock triumphs from bands like Title Fight and Tigers Jaw. The set is available for pre-order here.

Courtesy of Sunset
Sunset, 'Turn Out The Lights'