Cold War Kids Depict Their Take on Being 'Restless' With New Video: Exclusive

Cold War Kids
Dan Monick

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids just dropped another song from its forthcoming album, LA Divine, today (March 30). Titled "Restless," the heavy-beat track sees the California-based rock band singing about being just that, but the song's video -- debuting exclusively on Billboard simultaneously with the song's release -- isn't quite as uneasy as its title insinuates. 

Depicting the diverse demographics that make up the city of Los Angeles, the "Restless" video follows the lives of three groups: a group of skater-kid friends, a family and a couple. While all of these groups seem happy with their situations in the video, each are shown in a still shot toward the end of the video -- something that provides a metaphorical look at the song's meaning, as Cold War Kids' frontman Nathan Willett hints.

“LA people are typecast into two roles," Willett tells Billboard while explaining the inspiration for the track. "The hungry single artist chasing their dreams OR the happy couple that is compromised and settled. You're either edgy, moody, inspired or safe, soft and ineffectual. This is troubling to me. Where are the stories where love actually sets us free? What would it look like to live that way... to have the best of both worlds?” 

LA Divine will be available April 7. Watch the "Restless" video below.