Listen to Amy Lee's Haunting 'Speak to Me' From Emilia Clarke Thriller 'Voice From the Stone'

Stefania D'Alessandro/Redferns via Getty Images
Amy Lee performs on July 6, 2012 in Milan, Italy.  

Evanescence singer Amy Lee gets back into the spooky zone on the chilling solo track "Speak to Me" from the closing credits of Emilia Clarke's upcoming dramatic thriller Voice From the Stone.

The spare ballad features Lee's signature emotion-choked vocals over a haunting piano line and subtle strings as she calls to a departed, ghostly love. "We are one breath apart, my love / And I'll be holding in it till we're together / Hear me call your name / Just speak, speak to me," she sings on the chorus as low, booming drums and cellos amp up the track's tension.

It's the perfect shot of Celtic-tinged gothic balladry for fans of Lee's band, who haven't released a full-length studio collaboration since 2011's self-titled third album. Lee's most recent effort was last year's debut solo children's album, Dream Too Much, which featured covers of Sesame Street staples such as "Rubber Duckie," the Beatles' "Hello Goodbye" and a handful of originals.

In the film (due out Apr. 28), the Game of Thrones star plays a nurse in 1950s Tuscany who is pressed into caring for a boy named Jakob, who has been struck mute by his mother's death and might just be a killer that sees dead people. 

Watch the official trailer: