Alt-J Announce New album, 'Relaxer' & Single, '3WW'

Marcus Haney

Alt-J took their time crafting the follow-up to 2014's This is All Yours. But on Sunday (March 5) they dropped a tantalizing taste of what's next with the 55-second instrumental preview of the trippy song "3WW," which is slated to appear on their upcoming third album, Relaxer, due out June 9. In keeping with the group's enigmatic nature, they related the song's title in a string of binary code that translates into three w's.

"We'd like to thank you for your patience over the last year or so," the band wrote on Facebook. "After finishing touring 'This Is All Yours' in December 2015 we took a long break. Thom released a solo album; Gus opened a restaurant; Joe has been watching a lot of films. We hadn't set a time limit on our time off but by August 2016 we were ready to get back into the studio. The result is our third album, RELAXER, and we are really excited for you to hear it."

The track list for Relaxer

1) "3WW"

2) "In Cold Blood"

3) "House of the Rising Sun"

4) "Hit Me Like That Snare"

5) "Deadcrush"

6) "Adeline"

7) "Last Year"

8) "Pleader"