The Maine Drop New Single 'Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu'

Stephen Denton
The Maine

With just over a month left until the release of their sixth studio album Lovely Little Lonely, The Maine already have fans in a frenzy over their latest single "Black Butterflies & Déjà Vu."

Dropping yesterday (Mar. 2), the track is a stunning blend of whirling guitars, propelled by Blink-182-esque drum beats. Largely quick-tempoed, the song slowly dissipates into the refrain as frontman John O'Callaghan croons, "Just another lovesick afternoon / Black butterflies and déjà vu / Hoping for the right words."

Discussing the origins of the single in a statement, O'Callaghan said, "This song is for the moments, places, or persons that somehow turn your tongue to stone. Those times when words truly do not possess the power to adequately paint the subject. For me, this was written for an instance when the world was made clear to me for only an instant. When trouble faded into wonder, and I had absolutely no use for the 26 letters I know."

Lovely Little Lonely is set to be released Apr. 7 via 8123 Records.

Listen to "Black Butterflies Déjà Vu" below.