Pierce The Veil Premiere Behind-The-Scenes Footage From 'Floral & Fading' Video: Exclusive

Pierce The Veil
Thomas Falcone

Pierce The Veil

Earlier in the month (Feb. 10), pop punk band Pierce The Veil dropped the music video for “Floral & Fading” -- the latest single off their 2016 album Misadventures, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. Now, the San Diego foursome is sharing some behind-the-scenes footage from their retro-themed music video, exclusively with Billboard.

“Have you ever wondered to yourself, ‘When was the first mosh pit ever? How and when did it actually get invented? Or when did someone first whip out a lighter at a rock show?’” singer Vic Fuentes rhetorically asks Billboard. “We decided to answer all of these questions in one single music video. At a bowling alley in 1969, we unveiled as many iconic rock moments as we could possibly cram into one place.”

The footage from the video’s shoot includes the band revealing how these ideas came to fruition for them, and horsing around as the members undergo their '60s-styled makeovers. “The future is now! We landed on the moon!” exclaims bassist Jaime Preciado, as he jokes in character.

Director Ethan Lader and the additional actors also offer further commentary on the fun-filled shoot, and a look at the bowling alley where it all took place. Watch the comical behind-the-scenes video below.