Watch Sturgill Simpson Tear Down Pres. Trump's Wall in Moving 'All Around You' Video

Courtesy Photo
Sturgill Simpson "All Around You"

Sturgill Simpson's dream-like video for the ballad "All Around You" is exactly what some people might need at a time when heroes are in short supply. The Matt Mahurin-directed clip stars a young boy in a superhero cape and mask who finds a magic heart-shaped ring that guides him as he sets out on a lonely journey in a rowboat.

Arriving just days after the politically charged Grammy Awards on Sunday night (Feb. 12) -- where Simpson performed the horn-drenched song with the Dap-Kings brass section -- the vid picks up on some of the themes expressed during the broadcast, especially the idea that this is a time to unite and knock down walls, not build them.

While much of the imagery in the video is subtle, there's no mistaking that the ominous politician shaking his giant golden fists atop a towering podium is meant to represent President Trump. And when the boy lifts up his ring and uses it as a shield to blast a heart-shaped golden hole in a barbed wire-topped fence to allow a procession of immigrants to cross to the other side, well, that's not so subtle either.

"There will be days/ When the sun won't shine," Simpson sings on the song from his Grammy-winning A Sailor's Guide to Earth single. "When it seems like the whole world is against you/ Don't be afraid/ Life is unkind/ You can let go of the pain if you choose to." 

Check it out: