Depeche Mode's Future is Grim in 'Where's the Revolution' Video: Watch

A scene from Depeche Mode's video for "Where's the Revolution."
Courtesy Photo

A scene from Depeche Mode's video for "Where's the Revolution."

The future does not look bright in the Anton Corbjin-directed video for Depeche Mode's "Where's the Revolution" single from their upcoming 14th studio album, Spirit (March 17). 

Shot in muted black and white, the clip finds singer Dave Gahan standing in a tall wooden review box as he commands squads of grim army dancers in a bleak military square. The dystopian vibe created by longtime collaborator Corbjin is in keeping with the bleak track's lyrics about oppression and deceit. 

"You've been kept down / You've been pushed 'round / You've been lied to/ You've been fed truths," Gahan, wearing a finely tailored suit and dark shades, exhorts his troops while throwing out hand gestures that vacillate between urgent fascist salutes and loose-hipped Mick Jagger-like swoops. "Where's the revolution/ People come on," he encourages on the chorus. "You're letting me down."

By the end of the video, Gahan has stripped down to his more recognizable black leather vest and Martin Gore has taken up his electric guitar, which comes alive with a burst of red color. Earlier this week, the band announced that they will hand over their Facebook page to their fans for the next year. Fans interested in becoming the page's administrator for a day can apply here.