Lukas Graham Shares Deeply Personal 'You're Not There' Video: Watch

Lukas Graham
Danny Clinch

Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham's "You're Not There" is an emotional letter to frontman Lukas Forchhammer's late father, Eugene Graham, who passed away four years ago. The Danish band has now shared a new lyric video for the track that's a deeply touching tribute to the song's subject. 

While an "official video" has already been released for "You're Not There," this newest piece strikes most closely to the song's emotional core. It plays as a slideshow of family photos, but in each one Graham's image fades away to conjure true sorrow. 

The photos range from Forchhammer's early childhood to young adulthood, simply and effectively illustrating the lyrics with pure honesty. 

"You're Not There" appears on Lukas Graham's debut major label album, the self-titled via Warner Bros.