Artist Stanley Donwood Paints Radiohead's 'A Moon Shaped Pool' Cover While They Record Album: Watch

Stanley Donwood
Courtesy Photo

Stanley Donwood painting Radiohead's album cover.

What's the vibe like in the studio when Radiohead is cooking up new music? Longtime collaborator Stanley Donwood stars in a rare peek behind the curtain in a new YouTube video in which he's seen painting the cover to the band's most recent album, A Moon Shaped Pool, while the singer Thom Yorke records vocals in the background.

Donwood is seen sitting at an easel in a studio surrounded by large format paintings, quietly working on the album's cover as the sound of the session bleeds in from another room. The artist has done all of the band's single, cover and poster art since 1994's The Bends, as well as pieces for Thom Yorke's solo albums and Atoms for Peace projects.

Donwood is known for cooking up Radiohead's album sleeve designs in residency while the band writes and records music, according to NME, and in the footage uploaded by the CitizenInsane account, he's seen toiling away at a colorful abstract in Southern France last year.