Joshua Radin Talks Love, Creativity & Good Vibes at The Patch House

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Joshua Radin

If you want something done the right way, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

On the heels of his first self-produced album, Joshua Radin stopped by The Patch House in Brooklyn to talk about his creative process and to unpack the emotional and intellectual journey of finding the “right vibe.”

“I had a lot more freedom,” Radin says of self-production. “It’s just an amazing thing that happens creatively when you feel like you can do whatever you want. And it opened up a lot of areas of my brain, I think, that hadn’t been opened before in the studio.”

The album, The Fall, is an exploration of love’s rapid beginnings and swift endings, anchored by real experiences from Radin’s life. When asked about his lyrical inspiration, Radin matter-of-factly answered that he writes about what he knows -- and what he knows is the dynamic of how we treat each other.

This sentiment can be found in the album’s first single, “High and Low,” which Radin explains was inspired by a real conversation with a lover about true love existing in both good times and bad.

According to Radin, production of The Fall came down to a search for the right vibe. And luckily, after six albums at the hands of other producers’ vibes, Radin knew exactly where to look: “Greatness can usually be found in the first one or two takes,” he says. Radin also decided that this time around, subtle mistakes would be something to be celebrated, not corrected, as a charming reminder that music is human in nature.

To cap off his stay at The Patch House, Radin performed an acoustic set in the living room for an intimate audience -- a vibe that was precisely what he had in mind.

“I like it to feel, generally, like you’re in my living room,” he says. “I used to bring around furniture onstage -- lamps and carpets and couches, and things like that -- because that’s where I write my music: in the living room, on the couch. I like people to feel as intimate as possible with me.”

Check out Radin’s “new” living room below: