David Bowie Tribute Included in New Emoji Update

Courtesy of Apple

The Apple iOS 10.2 update features a tribute to David Bowie's iconic 1973 Aladdin Sane lightning bolt makeup look. Emojipedia gave a sneak peek at 16 new professional emojis, and among them is a "singer" emoji (male and female) with said vocalist sporting brightly colored hair and a face bolt. They're coming to your emoji keyboard, along with some other fresh images, including the facepalm, fingers crossed and selfie.

The female emoji rocks pink hair and a matching open-collared jumpsuit, along with a blue-and-pink lightning bolt, and microphone on a stand, while the male one has blue hair and a blue-and-red jumpsuit, with a matching bolt and microphone. 

Other new emoji showing up this week include avocados, a drum, a duck, a gorilla, female judges, a farmer, teachers, firefighters and astronauts -- as well as some upgrades to the hamburger, snake, camel and peach images.