Watch Death Valley High's Video for 'Ick Switch': Exclusive

Death Valley High
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Death Valley High

Alternative/goth band Death Valley High’s love of fright flicks is conveniently dovetailing with both Halloween and the impending arrival of its new album. The Northern California band, which will release Cult [As Fvk] on Nov. 4 on minusHead Records, has a new video for album track “Ick Switch” that’s appropriately gory for today’s spooky celebrations.

The industrial-flavored “Ick Switch” is about “that feeling of being startled or pushed to the edge of your seat,” explains vocalist/guitarist Reyka Osburn. “That basic human desire to get face to face with your fears.”

Directed by Brian Cox, who has handled clips for such acts as Gemini Syndrome and Prong, the video for “Ick Switch” is “a ‘prequel’ of sorts to our first single, ‘Warm Bodies,’” says Osburn. That video, which debuted in September, is a NSFW clip that features a girl desperately fleeing from zombies. The one for “Ick Switch” combines live-action footage of Death Valley High with grainy images of butchery and body parts; it stars actor Graham Mackie Sr. — known for his cameos in Skittles commercials and such films as Tangerine — who also appeared in “Warm Bodies.”

Watch the video for “Ick Switch” below:

“We discussed all of these icky, horrific images with Brian Cox. The question was how to present them,” says Osburn of the video’s treatment. “Right after our chat, he filmed us live at a show in L.A. I have to hand it to him: he did a fantastic job and somehow made it all work.”

The syncopation of “Ick Switch” may call to mind Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People.” Osburn says Death Valley High is not “huge fans” of the pale emperor, but he takes the comparison as a compliment “since Manson’s so iconic. We love ’80s music, so Adam Ant, Generation X and Bow Wow Wow are huge influences. We're on tour with Killing Joke, whom I've always thought that the song sounds most like.”

Death Valley High is currently touring Europe into December and performs in Belfast tonight. For more information about tour dates, go here. Click here to preorder Cult [As Fvk].