'Good Girls Revolt' Music Supervisor Transports Viewers to the '60s, Plus Anna Camp's Exclusive Playlist

Good Girls Revolt
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Good Girls Revolt 

Good Girls Revolt, a new Amazon series, centers on the true story of the gender-discrimination lawsuit filed against Newsweek. Set in the late '60s and early '70s, Gary Calamar, the show's music supervisor (Six Feet Under, True Blood, Dexter) was tasked with setting the scene.

"For me, music helps set the scene more than anything else," he tells Billboard. "You hear an old Rolling Stones song or an old song by Buffalo Springfield and it immediately takes you back to that period."

Calamar is a fitting choice for music supervisor because he grew up in the '60s. "I had an older brother that turned me on to a lot of music from that period so I was right in the thick of it during that," he says. "I was a huge music geek/nerd at the time, listening to my transistor radio all the time. So I was kind of an expert in that style and era of music."

He adds that while it's fun to revisit old favorites, "The best part is trying to find some of the more obscure songs from that period." He adds he is digging into Motown a bit, too, as the show covers a wide range of styles. "We use everything from Peggy Lee to Black Sabbath in the show," he says. "It’s been really rewarding to have such a great pallet of music to choose from." While in the '60s radio stations played all different music from all different genres, these days the stations or more genre-specific. "It was more of an eclectic sound that you heard and I tried to bring that sensibility to the show."

In anticipation of the show's premiere, actress Anna Camp -- who plays Jane -- created a playlist exclusively for Billboard of 15 songs that she feels best represent her groundbreaking character. 

“I chose these songs because even though Jane puts on a strong, tough exterior at work and she is smart and dedicated and passionate, inside she is a hopeful romantic longing to be loved and respected," Camp says. "She is a woman who embraces her femininity and walks with a certain pep in her step. Always dressed to perfection and eager to please, Jane is just discovering what she is capable of and is on the edge of an awakening that will challenge her to rise above her deepest insecurities and force her to knock down her walls."

Good Girls Revolt premiered on Friday (Oct. 28) and is available to stream solely on Amazon. Check out the trailer here and give Camp's playlist a listen below -- which is now available here from Amazon Music Unlimited. 

“I Enjoy Being a Girl,” Peggy Lee

“Wasn't Born to Follow,” Carole King

“Crimson and Clover,” Tommy James and The Shondells

“I'm Sorry,” Brenda Lee

“Calendar Girl,” Neil Sedaka

“Mr. Sandman,” The Chordettes

“Mamma Said,” The Shirelles

“All I Have to Do Is Dream,” The Everly Brothers

“Why Do Fools Fall in Love,”   Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

“Dream Lover,” Bobby Darin

“Sugar, Sugar,” The Archies

“Just for You,” Sam Cooke

“Darling, Stand by Me,” The Temptations

“Both Sides Now,” Joni Mitchell

“Everyday,” Buddy Holly