Phil Collins on 2016 Election: 'Trump Is An Accident Waiting To Happen'

Phil Collins
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Phil Collins during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Oct. 25, 2016 in New York City.

Support from Phil Collins is one thing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won't feel coming in the air tonight. Or ever.

"I've got a house full of anti-Trumpers," Collins, who resides in Miami to be near his ex-wife Orianne and their sons Nicholas and Matthew, tells Billboard. "Even my Matthew, at 11, he hates Trump. I really hate Trump's surrogates; I just wish that some time one of the guys would stand up on CNN and say, 'Yep, sorry, he fucked up when he said that. He should never have said that.' But none of them do. They just back him up. He makes tremendous gaffes and nobody owns up to them.

"Ooh, it makes me mad. I just think Trump is an accident waiting to happen -- a big accident waiting to happen."

That attitude obviously puts the swing state of Florida resident on Hillary Clinton's side of the divide, but Collins doesn't feel like he's choosing between the lesser of two evils. "I don't see her as such a bad deal," he explains. "Everybody says, 'Oh, it's two terrible choices.' I think there is only one choice and that is Clinton, because if you don't like what she does at least she knows what she's doing. And it has nothing to do with Bill Clinton. I think she has a tremendous backup with experience from her time as First Lady and with Bill Clinton being in the background -- who as far as I can make out has a better rep as an ex-president than he almost had as president."

Collins has been making the rounds this week to promote his new autobiography, Not Dead Yet: The Memoir, as well as his recent compilation The Singles. After returning to performing this year with three special shows, he's announced his first full-fledged tour in 11 years, a nine-date European swing with shows in London, Paris and Cologne, Germany, with 14-year-old Nicholas slated to play drums.