Watch Anthony Kiedis and His Son Close Out a Red Hot Chili Peppers Show

Courtesy Photo

9 year old Everly Bear joined Kiedis on "Dreams of a Samurai."

Before the Red Hot Chili Peppers closed out their set in Turin, Italy, frontman Anthony Kiedis brought a special guest on stage: his nine-year-old son, Everly Bear. 

The two joined together for the opening few lines of "Dreams of a Samurai," off the Peppers' latest album The Getaway, before Bear retreated from the spotlight and let his dad do his thing. 

At a previous show in Italy, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer had a moment of his own during his solo performance of Radiohead's "Spectre," before he and bassist Flea dove into a cover of Black Flag's punk classic "Nervous Breakdown."

Watch footage of Kiedis and his son, as well as Klinghoffer's cover, below.