Watch Corey Harper's Wanderlust-Inducing 'Beneath' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Victoria Smith
Corey Harper

Folk-rocker Corey Harper has already gained acclaim from both fans and media alike, all without having released his debut EP. Said EP, On the Run, will arrive this fall but until then, Harper has already graced listeners with a handful of tracks that showcase soothing instrumentation and his deep yet crisp vocals -- a pairing that works well to deliver a warm and inviting sound. 

On Wednesday (Oct. 12), Harper is sharing his latest track, the rollicking "Beneath," along with its music video exclusively on Billboard. "'Beneath' came alive sonically from a riff I had heard on a song called 'Broken' by Jake Bugg," Harper tells Billboard. "I went to the guitar to try and get something with a similar feel, and started singing lyrics mindlessly, finding melodies that fit the story I was searching for."

The story he ended up finding was a classic tale of boy meets girl -- though he tells it here with his own perspective and spin. He recalls when he first started seeing a girl and "everything was new and exciting," though the two didn't live close. "Times we could see each other were rare and fun," he says. "The lyrics explain the clich├ęs of a typical modern relationship between two independent young adults."

He offers further insight into which lines within the song speak to larger and highly relatable notions, such as: "Visions and plans are always talked about and discussed excitedly, ('all this noise will be heard') and collateralized risks are taken to prove yourself worthy of being trusted, ('all this pain will return')."  

In terms of his own visions and plans for the future, Harper seems to be headed in the right direction. So far, the Los Angeles by way of Portland artist has taken his music on the road with the likes of Allen Stone and Justin Bieber (at separate times) -- two artists situated on opposite ends of the spectrum, speaking to the diversity of Harper's sound that "Beneath" so clearly captures. 

Check out the music video for "Beneath," well... beneath.