Billie Joe Armstrong's 5 Best Acting Gigs

Billie Joe Armstrong in Drunk History
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Billie Joe Armstrong and Tony Hale as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton on Comedy Central's "Drunk History."

In addition to being the kick-ass lead singer of Green DayBillie Joe Armstrong has slowly but surely been slowly building a resume as a sometimes actor. From his role in GD's Broadway musical American Idiot to a gig as a mysterious stranger on Nurse Jackie, a bad boyfriend in the movie Like Sunday, Like Rain and last week's turn as Charlie Chaplin in Drunk History, the rock icon has shown a fairly wide range in handling both drama and comedy. His biggest role to date is on the horizon in his debut as a lead in the comedy Ordinary World (Oct. 14), in which he plays a middle-aged punk rock dad grappling with his lost youth alongside Selma Blair and Fred Armisen.

Here's a look at Billie's five best roles:

St. Jimmy in American Idiot on Broadway (2010-2011)

Perry Miller in Ordinary World (2016)

Dennis in Like Sunday, Like Rain (2014)

Unnamed hookup in Nurse Jackie (2012)

Charlie Chaplin in Drunk History (2016)


Armstrong recently revealed that HOB has given the band the green light for an American Idiot film, in which he's slated to recreate his role as St. Jimmy.