White Stripes Escalate Donald Trump Beef, Start Selling 'Icky Trump' T-Shirts

Jamie Beeden/The Hell Gate/Corbis via Getty Images
The White Stripes photographed in 2001.

For years, fans have been wondering what it would take to get Jack and Meg White back on the same page. Turns out, that unifying factor was a mutual disgust of Donald Trump using The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.”

Earlier this week, Third Man Records issued a statement on the broken-up-since-2011 duo’s rejection of the Republican presidential candidate using its signature song in a campaign video. Now, Jack White’s label is using the squabble to sling some new merch from its web store. Can anyone really blame them?


#AntiTrump shirt available for pre-order NOW at thirdmanstore.com. #ickytrump

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The T-shirt’s front reads “ICKY TRUMP,” a play off their 2007 single “Icky Thump,” which just so happens to tell the story of a white American treating a Mexican rudely. Likewise, the back of the shirt features lyrics from the song:

“White Americans, what/ Nothing better to do/ Why don't you kick yourself out/ You're an immigrant too/ Who's using who/ What should we do?/ Well, you can't be a pimp/ And a prostitute too.”

And there’s much more where that came from -- check out Billboard’s list of artists who have spoken out against Donald Trump.