White Stripes 'Disgusted' by Donald Trump Using 'Seven Nation Army' for Campaign

The White Stripes photographed in 2003
Dimitri Hakke/Redferns

The White Stripes photographed on Jan. 31, 2003. 

The White Stripes have now joined a lengthy and growing list of artists who have publicly disavowed the use of their music by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Recently, Trump used the Stripes' rallying "Seven Nation Army" in a campaign video. On Tuesday (Oct. 4), Third Man Records posted on Facebook and Twitter that the duo of Meg and Jack White are "disgusted by this association."

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Additionally, the post said, "The White Stripes would like to unequivocally state that they have nothing whatsoever to do with this video." 

Previous artists who have voiced similar sentiments include: Adele, Neil Young, Steven Tyler, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and the Rolling Stones.