Christine McVie Talks Legacy of Fleetwood Mac's 'Mirage,' Admits She Hasn't Listened to Reissued Version Yet

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac
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Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac performs live at The O2 Arena on May 27, 2015 in London.

While Stevie Nicks has yet to contribute to a new Fleetwood Mac album, McVie says "hope springs eternal."

Back in May it was revealed that Fleetwood Mac's 1982 chart-topping album Mirage would be reissued as a three-disc expanded deluxe edition. The reissue was originally slated for a summer release, though had since been pushed back to September. Although, the extra months proved not enough time for Christine McVie, who -- according to a recent interview with Rolling Stone -- still hasn't found time to listen to it. 

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The reissue finally arrived late last week, and McVie spoke with the magazine about getting back into the groove of recording together -- "we all disappeared for a few years. But we have a habit of doing that, Fleetwood Mac. Just kind of taking quite long hiatuses" -- the album's towering success, and any future Fleetwood Mac plans. 

As for the recording process, she said it was "unusual" due to the fact they recorded at Château d'Hérouville in France, a place McVie said was "a beaten-up old castle" and a "weird, manic kind of resort" where they were not only recording but also living.

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She shared little insight into what their time in the castle was like, though she did disclose that "none of us were stone-cold sober. There was a fair degree of alcohol and drugs going on." That wasn't the only piece of information she spilled: Elsewhere in the interview she admitted she has yet to listen to the reissue, citing her recent move as the cause. She said she doesn't have a DVD or CD player set up yet, but is curious to listen when she can. 

Thinking back to the original, she said her favorite track off the album is "Gypsy" and that it stands out as the best, "without a doubt." She also mentioned the video -- which supposedly had the biggest budget of any music video produced at the time -- and said it is one of her favorites to this day, taking all music videos (not just Fleetwood Mac's) into account.

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As for the future of Fleetwood Mac, McVie seemed optimistic. She said Fleetwood Mac has already laid down seven new tracks for an upcoming album, and they plan to get back in the studio in October to finish it up. She said while Stevie Nicks has yet to contribute -- she's currently on a solo tour -- "hope springs eternal." McVie is also hopeful the new album will see a 2017 release, in addition to a potential tour. "And after that, who knows? But we're all still alive, how about that?"

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