Watch Butch Walker Drive Through a Dystopia in 'East Coast Girl' Video: Exclusive Premiere

Butch Walker
Noah Abrams

Butch Walker

Nearly one month ago, producer and veteran musician Butch Walker released his eighth studio record, Stay Gold. Unlike his previous album, 2015's Afraid of Ghosts, this new release returns to his rock roots as best heard on lead single "East Coast Girl." 

The track premiered in early June along with the announcement of the album, and now Walker is sharing the music video exclusively with Billboard.

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The track tips its hat to what it was like moving to Los Angles in the '80s. "I just remember running into so many tragic stories when I moved out here," Walker says in the press release, giving insight into the dark, dystopian-themed video. 

The video sees an "evil dictator" -- played by Michael Des Barres -- play out his unruly plans, in what can be perceived as a statement about the dismal and crushing nature of moving to a big city in the hopes of "making it." As a whole, the final scene remains open to interpretation. Check it out below: