Listen to Jamestown Revival's Surging New Song 'Company Man': Exclusive Premiere

Jamestown Revival
Harper Smith

Jamestown Revival

Rock duo Jamestown Revival -- comprised of childhood friends Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance -- made a name for themselves with their 2014 debut Utah. The record cemented their sound -- a fusion of Americana, folk and rock -- and received critical acclaim. In all, it perfectly paved the way for them to keep on trekking.

Now, the two are back with their sophomore effort, The Education of a Wandering Man, due Oct. 7. Clay says the record is essentially "chapter 2" and that it is largely about "leaving behind our last bastion of adolescence, if you will.”

The upcoming album's lead single, "Love Is a Burden," has already arrived, and now they are sharing the album's opening track, "Company Man," exclusively on Billboard.

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"'Company Man' is a song about the frustration of feeling like you're up against insurmountable odds," Clay says. "It's a song about feeling like your voice will never get heard over the roar of the machine. It's a song about the big man, the little man, money, power, and all of the things that make the world go 'round.”

The song's production echoes this sentiment, as the track surges on with more power than previously heard from the duo. It's clear they're revved up -- and it makes the song all the better. The track is colored with bluesy undertones and is elsewhere soaked in synth-heavy instrumental breaks. 

As for the the inspiration behind "Company Man," it stems from a true story of corporate greed. Clay's family has owned land in Walker County since the '70s -- a place he says he and Zach have been going since childhood. "It's one of our favorite places," he says -- though it was recently taken by an oil company. "When you can't legally lock the gate to land that you legally 'own,' it's an unbelievably helpless feeling,” Clay says, a feeling that is clearly captured and conveyed on the new track.

Give it a listen below: