Vincent John Explores Loneliness on 'Heaven Knows': Exclusive Premiere

Vincent John
Amy DiLorenzo

Vincent John

We've all known the feeling of true loneliness at some point in our life. Despite our best efforts otherwise, there's a universal certainty this feeling will come; it'll pass and come again.

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The good news is it's not all bad. These moments will often spawn introspection and action, creativity even -- for the musically talented sect -- giving way to some of our world's greatest songs. 

For Philadelphia born-and-raised artist and producer Vincent John, that familiar sense of wanting someone or something has fueled this first track off his new Never Go Back EP called "Heaven Knows," premiering exclusively on Billboard

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"A retooling of the classic idea of wanting and needing love just beyond you, 'Heaven Knows' is a thoroughly honest plea from an imperfect man," John tells Billboard. "Production refined to ichor, this song feels so pure feels like it has always existed in the honest place in all of us."

As guitarist for Lee Fields & the Expressions, John knows a thing or two about soul music. But on "Heaven Knows," he finds his own voice in some of the 1980s most timeless pop and new wave artists with a modern electro pop twist, delivered with a soulful sense of honesty. Never Go Back is out Oct. 21. 

Listen to "Heaven Knows" here: