Exclusive Premiere: 'The Lennon Report' Trailer Unlocks New Info on Beatles' Final Moments

Caryn Waechter
The Lennon Report

A new feature film is taking a deep dive into the tragedy on Dec. 8, 1980 that took the lives of one of the world’s most iconic songwriters. The Lennon Report -- in theaters and on demand Oct. 7 -- gives a dramatic look at what transpired behind the scenes when John Lennon was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital.

That night, it just so happened a young news producer (played by Walter Vincent) was at Roosevelt after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident. Once he realizes the identity of the shooting victim beside him, it’s clear he’s got an awfully big story on his hands. In the brand new trailer, the filmmaker attempts to get word out while the hospital staff tries to keep it under wraps and save Lennon’s life. 

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Richard Kind plays the emergency department’s director and Tony award winner Stephen Spinella plays its vascular surgeon, both tasked with trying to keep the former Beatle alive, while the rest of the staff deals with the deluge of press and frenzied fans. Adrienne C. Moore plays Dr. Pamela Roberts and David Mayas portrays Security Officer Medina.

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Below, find trailer for The Lennon Report, premiering exclusively on Billboard. The film can be pre-ordered via iTunes here, where it becomes available the same day it reaches theaters. 

The film was written by Walter Vincent and director Jeremy Profe and produced by Gabriel and Rafael Francisco.

The Lennon Report's trailer follows news last month that Lennon's assailant, Mark David Chapman, was denied parole for the ninth time.