Watch Jeff Bridges Play Dylan's 'The Man in Me' on 'Conan'

Jeff Bridges performs on Conan
Courtesy of TBS

Jeff Bridges performs “The Man In Me” on Conan.

Remember that scene in The Big Lebowski where The Dude trips out and goes for a midnight flight after his rug is ripped off? You know, the one cued to Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me" from the bard's 1970 album New Morning? The same wistful song that plays over the bowling alley-set intro to the Coen Brothers' iconic tale of excess, mayhem and mistaken identity? 

Well Jeff Bridges (aka The Dude), dropped by Conan on Wednesday night (Aug. 31) and graciously obliged a request to perform the song with the house band, with some help from hot-shot guitar prodigy Quinn Sullivan.

Check it out: