Watch the Lyric Video for Death Metal Supergroup Sinsaenum's 'Anfang des Albtraumes': Exclusive

Courtesy of earMUSIC


Band includes DragonForce's Frederic Leclerq and former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison

Whenever several musicians who gained fame in other bands happen to fall together into a new one, they’re inevitably tagged with the “supergroup” label. So it goes for Sinsaenum, the death-metal act featuring DragonForce bassist Frederic Leclerq, Loudblast guitarist Stephane Buriez, Daath vocalist Sean Zatorsky, Mayhem singer Attila Csihar, Seth guitarist Heimoth and former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. And like other supergroups, Sinsaenum’s formation has nothing to do with its members thinking they could easily cash in on one another’s name recognition.

“I wanted to work with them because they are great musicians, but also because they are my friends,” says Leclerq of his Sinsaenum bandmates. “I wasn’t trying to make a supergroup, pulling strings and contacting people I never met but have big names. It was all about gut feelings. Same with the other people who are involved.”

Leclerq notes that as soon as the completed lineup entered rehearsal to shoot two videos in Hungary — Heimoth was not involved until after Sinsaenum’s debut album, Echoes of the Tortured, had been recorded — “we played and we looked at each other and felt something strong, something unique.”

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The chemistry may have been instant, but the LP (released Aug. 5 on earMusic), was seven years in the making. Although DragonForce is a power metal band, Leclerq explains that he and Jordison discovered when they first met in 2008 that they shared a passion for death and black metal, and entertained the idea of someday joining forces. Near the turn of the decade, Leclerq asked Buriez if he would be interested in working with him as well. When Jordison and Leclerq happened to reconnect in 2013, Leclerq sent Jordison material he had by then been working on for years, and the music enticed Jordison to officially get onboard. They recruited Zatorsky and Csihar, then recorded the album at their leisure since they didn’t yet have a label contract.

“I’ve always been a fan of this style of music and wanted to release an album that shows my love for the genre,” says Leclerq. “As an artist, it is also necessary for me to be able to express this dark side of my personality.”

Billboard has the exclusive lyric video to Sinsaenum’s new single from Echoes of the Tortured, “Anfang des Albtraumes.” According to Leclerq, the song’s title means “the beginning of the nightmare” in German. Part of the music’s inspiration comes from classic horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Watch it below:

“Anfang des Albtraumes” is in keeping with the album’s subject matter of “horror, gore, suicide, war, chaos,” says Leclerq. He adds, “The whole point of Echoes of the Tortured is to take the listeners on a journey. I want them to create their own story. We are just pointing at directions and it’s up to them to see what they want, to focus on what seems right. The whole album is like going down a spiral of darkness, passing different circles, different stages. We all have had nightmares that seem all so true and you realize it and want to escape but you can’t.”