Watch Peter Pan Get Reimagined as a Rocker in The Raveonettes' 'NVRLND' Video: Exclusive Premiere

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The song & video accompany a new comic retelling of the Peter Pan story also called "NVRLND."

451 Media Group is putting a modern young Hollywood spin on a classic tale with the creation of their music-centered comic NVRLND. The comic tells the story of Peter Pan as the lead singer of a rock band -- appropriately called the Lost Boys -- who frequent a secret underground club called NVRLND.

As rebellious, rock-fanatic teenagers, the comic's characters fall victim to a drug called “pixie dust” thanks to a tattooed biker, James Hook, while Wendy plays the role of a fangirl, hopelessly in love with lead singer Peter.

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"We really wanted to capture the zeitgeist of the L.A. music scene, which thrives on the energy of being cool, young and sometimes in love,” said Stephanie Salyers, co-creator and writer of NVRLND. “There's a real grittiness to our story, and the underground music scene is the perfect setting for capturing that authentic teen rebellion. Of course Hollywood is the ideal setting for a story about never growing up!"

With music at the forefront of the reimagined storyline, Dylan Mulick -- who also co-wrote the comic -- directed a music video that follows the aesthetic and mood behind the story. The music video, premiering exclusively on Billboard, features the song “NVRLND” by indie rock band The Raveonettes.

"Music is at the heart of NVRLND, and we were so excited to introduce this story with a music-based approach,” Mulick said. “This music video was the perfect opportunity to capture the tone of NVRLND and bring the characters on the printed page to life, and as a creator I can’t tell you how exciting this is. We can’t wait to explore the world even further across other platforms as the scope of NVRLND continues to grow."

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The single by The Raveonettes was written exclusively for the comic, which was released Wednesday (Aug. 10). The video further captures the idea behind the club set in the comic, being filmed at L.A. punk-rock venue The Smell.

Watch the music video for “NVRLND” below: