Gemini Syndrome's 'Alive Inside' Lyric Video: Exclusive Premiere

Gemini Syndrome
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Gemini Syndrome

“I haven’t died yet, but I keep hearing that I eventually will.”

So says Aaron Nordstrom, vocalist of alternative metal act Gemini Syndrome, in regard to the messages infusing Memento Mori, the band’s sophomore album. The Another Century release, which arrives Aug. 19, is an exploration into such problems as religious extremism, cultural oppression and social division.

“The idea that any of us are different or separate from anyone else is the main divider,” says Nordstrom. “Race, religion, creed, belief, gender, etc., blah, blah, blah, all lead to people bickering or fighting or, more and more now, killing. For what? For money? For control? Of what? … Why would anyone allow ourselves to hate something or someone that is really in the same boat? A creature trying to figure out the reason for its existence in the first place?”

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But instead of viewing these issues through a lens of negativity, Gemini Syndrome embraced the Latin motto “Memento mori” -- “Remember, you must die” -- since the project is about “recognizing our own mortality and the opportunity that awareness can create,” says Nordstrom.

Drummer Brian Medina adds, “Being conscious of our mortality can serve as a great motivator to reach for every goal, live life to its fullest and not take any moment for granted.”

One of the life-affirming messages on Memento Mori is the song “Alive Inside,” which is related to “taking back control of your life and not just hoarding it all to yourself, but harnessing that power and using it to contribute to the stream of life,” explains Medina. “When we wrote this album, we were all going through some heavy stuff personally, navigating and circumventing all sorts of challenges. This song ended up being a light at the end of the tunnel for us and really completed the circle of what we wanted to express. Life is a struggle, and that struggle is beautiful.”

Billboard has the exclusive premiere for the lyric video for “Alive Inside.” Watch it below:

The attitudes on Memento Mori aren’t just indicative of this particular album: The ultimate goal of Gemini Syndrome as a band is “to be a force of unification,” says Medina. “ ‘Gemini’ represents duality. The prefix ‘syn’ means to bring together, or unite. Gemini, syndrome … Acknowledging the inherent separation within us all and our desire to connect and complete ourselves. Not only within ourselves, but to each other.”

Nordstrom says of the group’s fans, “We're creating community. We are reminding people of a primordial part of the brain that wants love and acceptance. Share love. Share ideas. Share your life. And in that experience, we are enriching each other and ourselves at the same time.”