Even The Beatles Got Scared: Paul McCartney Talks Early Days in Trailer for New Ron Howard Doc

The Beatles perform in London
Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns

The Beatles perform in London on June 16, 1966. 

Life seemed great for the Beatles during the British Invasion days -- and, yes, a lot of it was -- but media saturation and public mobbing will drive most any humans to the brink. In a new trailer for Ron Howard’s forthcoming doc The Beatles: Eight Days A Week -- The Touring Years, the band opens up about the toll that early '60s fame took.

Ron Howard's Beatles Doc to Hit Hulu, Select Theaters in September

"We were kids," Paul McCartney explains in a recently shot interview. "We were all pretty scared… We all started to get pretty fed up. We were looking for somewhere new to go."

Ringo Starr echoed this creative restlessness: "We can't go on forever as four clean little mop-tops playing 'She Loves You.'"

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Both surviving Beatles helped with the film's production, along with Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison. The film features live concert footage from 1962–1966, when the band decided to retire from the road and focus on the studio. It hits theaters on Sept. 15 and Hulu on Sept. 17.

Watch the trailer below and check out John Lennon at the end, pranking an oblivious reporter into calling him Eric.