Watch This Band's Shot-For-Shot Remake of Fiona Apple's 'Criminal' Video

It Was Romance "Hooking Up With Girls"
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It Was Romance "Hooking Up With Girls"

Lane Moore loves Fiona Apple. So much, in fact, that when it came time to film a video for her band It Was Romance's emotional new single, "Hooking Up With Girls," from the Brooklyn act's self-titled debut, she decided to pay homage one of Apple's most iconic clips.

"Fiona Apple has been such an influence on me, creatively and personally, since I was a kid," said Moore of why

she chose to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "Criminal" video's release by making a shot-for-shot remake. "My live performances are really raw and intense and I'm sure watching her have that same freedom and intensity and rawness on stage as a kid let me feel like it was OK to express myself in that way on stage too. I hope she never stops making music. She's incredible." 

Moore's version -- which she directed and co-produced -- has the same weirdly voyeuristic, claustrophobic look as the Mark Romanek-directed original, but, as she notes, "with lesbians. Apart from being wonderfully '90s tribute eye-candy, I directed the video and... it's super badass." 

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It Was Romance began as a 2009 solo project in which Moore sang and played all the instruments, but has grown into a four-piece group led by the detail-oriented, electric ukulele-strumming frontwoman. "I directed the video and co-produced it and was really meticulous in how much I wanted it to match the original," she told Billboard. "I searched to find that house that looked like the original house, I sought out costumes as similar to the ones they used in the video 20 years ago as I could find, I added MTV style title cards to the beginning and end, I found stuffed animals and props and a camera like the ones used in the video." 

She even took photobooth pics in an effort to mimic the Polaroids in the original. "I put so much into this so I'm thrilled for people to see it and share it and be as excited as I am about it."

Check out the original: